Strong, cohesive and organized patient advocacy for the protection of accessible health care in general is essential in today’s cost driven environment. Without such advocacy, the debate will be focused on measures that are designed to provide short term savings, at the expense of patient health and long term costs. Patient based advocacy on areas related to general health care is needed in at least the following areas:

Information About the Law

Patients already have a number of rights under existing law, including to right to seek authorization for non-formulary drugs and the right to continue with an existing drug even after a formulary change. Unfortunately, many of them are unaware of these rights and do not exercise them. The NAF provides neuropathy patients with the information they need to get their health care.

Benefit Design Development

Insurance benefits are continually getting fewer and fewer. Patients expect that they in fact have full coverage, when they do not. Further, high co-payments and restricted formularies can cause patients to consume fewer medications, even if they are essential and forgoing them can cause deterioration in health status. The NAF will provide patient education and follow up to work for a system that results in optimal care.

The NAF is committed to help individuals control and take charge of their care and provides the following information to that end.